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    Clan chat(online)

    In your clan it shows how much people are on. So I was thinking what if you can tap on it and it shows who is actually online it would help out a lot of clans such as war/CWL, plans and donations. I strongly believe that this is a good idea it can change the people’s clans you would be able to communicate with your friends and other recruits.
    By MisterMuffin

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    I like this game very much!!! Thanks for creation!

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    If you'd like to make suggestions for new features, please post in the Ideas and Feature Requests forum. However, this feature already exists in the game. You just need to add your players to your friends list. Supercell has granted players the right of privacy. They have to accept your friend request in order for you to be able to monitor their actions. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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