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Thread: Town hall crashes

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    Town hall crashes

    In the town hall the game crashes immediately when I click on the tabs "All" or "Serving". Is this a known bug?

    Using various Android versions. It happens on multiple devices. Clearing cache has no effect. This has been happening in my case since that horrible update that screwed up the help list and the personal train.

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    Yes!!! my game crashes every time I hit the "service" tab since the last major update where they introduced the crops... so it's been a while now and no response from help

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    The Games crashes on new & older Devices.
    In Farm & Town.
    It hasn't anything to do with Connection imo, if yes...that would mean that many many Gamers have a huge Problem with Providers.
    Another Problem wich SC should solved.

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    My assumption has been that this is related to that ghost visitor problem (and perhaps the fix related to that with december update). You have one ghost visitor in town that is allegedly being served (or in some kind of limbo state) and thus serving and all tabs are crashing as the software gets confused with ghost visitor. There's nothing much you can do if this is the case. For support, it should be quite easy to identify and fix this but SC has been quiet as usual about this issue.

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    Thumbs up My games crashes when I klick on Serving - not very nice

    This has happened since the december update. And it is very frustrating not to be able to see how many stations the visitor has left when I am playing the derby. Please fix this already SC. The same fault apply to the News button, I can´t see what news there is - only a hen is there to be found. Bellebird

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    Has this been fixed for everyone in today's maintenance? It did for my baby farm!
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    Yay! My town was fixed too, and it's been crashing for AGES! (Since October??) I'll just keep my fingers crossed, and hope it stays fixed...

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