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Thread: Looking for a home

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    Looking for a home

    Hi all,

    I'm currently playing on level 26, I've started from zero after a break. My previous account was level 70, but I didn't find a good, active neighborhood and quit the game frustrated. Then I started to miss the game and here I am, new year new account! 😁

    So, I'm looking for an active, friendly neighborhood, where people help each other out. My aim is to go long, so would be great to have nice farmers to keep me company all the way!

    About me:
    I'm an active, (several-times-a-)daily player from Finland. I hope to find a neighborhood that uses either English or Finnish.
    The thing is though, at least at this point, I'm not a huge fan of this whole derby thing, so would like to have the possibility to opt out on that.
    Otherwise I like to help others and be helped as well. Also appreciate trading expansion parts within neighborhood! Right now I'm only expanding my silo & barn, so as I'm lacking a good neighborhood I just sell all my mallets etc. in the market.

    You'll find me at #P2VRRP29V if you want to have a look.

    Love, Minna

    EDIT: Found it! I'm happily set in my new neighborhood, thanks 🧡✨
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    Hi Ninja,
    You are very welcome to join us at Wonkey Donkey's #JJYPGRJ. We are a group of players from UK, USA, the Netherlands and Asia. 7 or so of us are active on a daily basis.

    We do have a small derby team but players are under no obligation to play but we would ask that you wait until you are at a much higher level before you opt in, so the fact that you are not a huge fan fits is fine by us.

    If you should decide to join us you will find us friendly and helpful, but not over chatty!

    We are also quite laid back, with no rules governing how you play your farm. There are no restrictions on the birdhouse, boat crates, or your roadside shop.

    If you do decide you would like to join us, please let me know as we are invite only.
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    You would fit in great at Dachshund Delight! We are 23 players from 32 - 126 in levels, and we are everything you described!

    Derby is not required, but if you do we ask to try to do tasks above 300, but a little lower is alright. We are very chatty and helpful, trading all the time! Some of us play multiple times a day (I know I do!), some only a few, a few once or twice, and some even just once every few days. Whenever the time, if they are good and altogether active players, they stay.

    We hope you can join! Our tag is #9VGGVC22. If that doesn’t work (sometimes it hasn’t) add me as a friend, my tag is #2RUYJORCV and I can invite you once we are friends then.

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