I feel that adding another row in the army tab of the barracks menu to show the army comp, troops and spells, that has been finished but are next in-line behind the troops ready for battle in the army camps would be beneficial. In addition to this having the ability while in the army tab to transfer or trade troops between these two rows and remove the auto fill feature that currently exists when you donate troops out of your camps or exhaust them in battle would eliminate waste as well as be a quality improvement to reagular farming, clan wars, and clan war leagues. Example; Im currently at th10. If I had two full armys one in my camps of 240 barbarians and one qued up of 240 archers and i end up donating 5 barbarians to a clan mate then 5 archers will auto fill those 5 missing barbarians in my army camps. Now if my attack Im planning is fully reliant on having all 240 barbarians I now have to delete the already brewed archers and waste that elixir. My change would solve that issue. It would also greatly improve clan war leagues if say you brew up two different war armies the night before knowing your going to be constrained on time to attack the next day you would be able to trade one army for the other based on the type of base you are going to attack without having to waste the war army that is filling up your army camps on a regular farming attack. Both situations waste of elixir and resources are eliminated.