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Thread: Builder base campaign map

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    Builder base campaign map

    New year, new ideas, builder base should get an addition of a campaign map, with gems and dark elexir as the reward.. the gem collector is for both bases, why not help out with a few more dark elexir in a campaign map?

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    BB is H2H format, no clue how a single player campaign map would fit in with that. The Main base just got a much of new goblin maps last summer with a ton of DE available on them.
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    I actually like this idea. A.I. for PvP computer attack in BB wouldn’t be so hard to implement, since BB has no spells. But I believe reward should be BB gold and elixir.

    However, SC already stated they want BB to follow its own route, not copying MV. So I don’t believe they would implement goblin villages as is. One player vs computer is a good idea nevertheless.
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    Pretty much a good idea. Also new achievements for us too.

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    I like this idea! They would attack your base and you attack theirs.

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