My clan, Meatboys, is looking for some new members in time for the next season of CWL!

We are very Friendly and very Active, there will always be someone online to talk to and they will always be happy to donate as much as you want.

We are currently mainly TH8/9/10 but looking to increase members at any level. We donate max troops and siege machines due to the troop upgrade boost and we're always happy to do as many friendly challenges as you want to learn new strategies.

We war pretty much all of the time but we don't take it too seriously, so don't worry if your attacks aren't very good there's no pressure to 3 star. We max out every clan games and have been promoted in the last 2 CWL's.
The clan is on private but this is just to prevent hoppers so just put 'hi Vandar' in the request and we'll be sure to accept you!!

Hope to see you in game soon! Come say hello :)

Clan Tag: #CC8V89C9