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    Bat Spell balance changes with past maintenance

    As mentioned last week, we are doing additional balance changes to the Bat Spell.

    Here are the changes that will be implemented.

    Number of Bats:
    Level 1: 10 -> 7
    Level 2: 12 -> 9
    Level 3: 14 -> 11
    Level 4: 18 -> 16
    Level 5: 22 -> 21

    Additionally, the first attack is changed from 1.0 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

    The amount of damage each bat does remains unchanged.
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    now babies will stop crying.....not a nice move as far as i'm concerned

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    Wowww that's a big one. Think we'll be seeing an end to the spell unless they've actually tested this one.

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    Nice Nerf I like it.

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    So unnecessary at TH12 but at least the majority of the Nerf seems to be at 10.

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    I donít know how to adjust my base design so please unnecessarily nerf the new bat spell!!!!

    Hate this move. Guess Iíll adjust. My base was holding up so not sure what the deal was :-/

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    As expected.....right before CWL starts
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    had just started upgrading bat spell , guess i should stop upgrading them lol
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    OK, doesn't look so bad for lvl 5. Will test out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ev0lution View Post
    Wowww that's a big one. Think we'll be seeing an end to the spell unless they've actually tested this one.
    Considering how often they introduce something new and then nerf it, I seriously doubt they really test things before they release them.

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