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Thread: Cannock are alive and looking for good derby players

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    Bump, bump and one more bump for luck

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    Bump, bump final bump

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    I'm going to come over and check it out after the current derby is over.

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    Bump that bad boy

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    Bump and even more bumps

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    Bump my bad boys butt

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    New Bloke/Chick
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    Oct 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by Tollster74 View Post
    Welcome to our up and coming nh

    were a very active nh which consists of adult based derby players, only players with sense of humour will be considered as lifes to short to be miserable.
    Things u need to know about our nh
    -were an up and coming nh with players ranging from levels 50 to75
    -we smashing the champions league
    -loads of expansion stuff sold at the right price
    -amazingly chatty, friendly and real helpful
    -some tasks are called so can be prepared for player to get done quicker
    -strictly no scroungers
    -315 tasks plus are minimum
    -no dramas, no arguments ever done
    -simply opt out if not active for week
    -US & UK in hood but love international players to join
    -must be able to speak the queens english
    -ermm thats it
    Just punch in #PGOJOUPV to join our glorious group, you wont be disappointed
    white fox with blue background
    In case u get lost Moo is the leader
    Many thanx
    Are you still looking for people?

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    Bump up that bumpy dude

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