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Thread: Problem with contacing support team

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFreya View Post
    That sucks! I have an ongoing chat with a human I could try asking your question for you
    Tnx dear, but I am pretty sure they will answer "plz tell your friend to reach out to us himself"
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    Probably the offer is there if you get desperate. To be honest tho the human response is often cut and paste and whacky and often a response to a question they thought you asked, not what you did actually ask, as they didn’t read it properly in the first place so takes quite a lot of going backwards and forwards. I am sure they could halve their work load just by taking the time to read in the first place and not just assuming things, if they did this they wouldn’t need Sparky in the first place! Just a thought.

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    Arrrgggh ! Autobot's !!

    I too have been going back and forth with the no-help help team ! I have explained my problems every time, ( lot of typing ! ) and get a reply that is exactly this ... " closed conversation " . REALLY ! Going on for the 9 to 10 time now. I had a human the first and second time, got no helpful info, then when I asked for a supervisor, got ...closed conversation !.So went to SuperCell support, .... NO HELP THERE EITHER !
    I will be leaving at the end of my diamonds if they don't fix this, AND give some very generous compensation for all the less than helpful "help ".

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