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Thread: Special Welcome to 2019 Gem Event.

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    Lightbulb Special Welcome to 2019 Gem Event.

    I was thinking that is we had a gem event that you would be give challenges on your personally account and you can complete tier levels to get Gems. And the when you reach a certain tier you will unlock more unique rewards and they would come twice a month.

    Tier 1, Pekka challenges. Reward 50 gems.
    Tier 2, Wizard Challenges. Reward 100 gems.
    Tier 3, Valks challenges. Rewards 200 gems.
    Tier 4, Golem challenges. Rewards 400 gems
    Tier 5, Witches challanges. Rewards 800 gems
    Tier 6, Hog Rider challenges, Rewards 1,600 gems. Unique Archer Queen, Barbarian King Skin.

    Tier 7, Electro Dragons challenges. Rewards 3,200 gems. More skins for Archer Queen and Barbarian Kind and a potion to increase Grand Warden HP and DPS by 20% (permanent boost)

    Tier 8, Heros Challenges (All Heros allowed). Rewards 6,400 gems special skins for Heros and defensive buildings.

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    I hope everyone will like thia idea for a Future Uodate.

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