My name is JackTheChamp but please call me Jack.

I am a Co-Leader at Master Clan.

We are looking for strong TH7+ members for war. We are a FUN but very Serious clan who is very active in clan war, CWL and in Clan Games! We Need more members as we want to be able to do 50 v 50 war some day. Please help us achieve our goal and to conquer Clash of Clans as a Whole!


  • TH7+ (no rushed bases allowed, Must be an experienced war player!)
  • Must be Friendly and Listen to War Plan
  • Must Participate in all Clan Events
  • Must Speak English
  • Must Be Mature and Active

Please Help Us Conquer Clash and Achieve World Domination!

Have a Wonderful day and Clash On!

Clan Tag:#22CV2QRJO