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Thread: Neighborhood Descriptions

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    Neighborhood Descriptions

    I wish leaders were paying more attention to the Neighborhood Recruitment Stickies since they give leaders a guide for useful information to include in the neighborhood recruitment post. Information that players need to know in order to find the right neighborhood for them.

    I would love it if serious derby neighborhoods were asked not to say they are chill, relaxed, or casual because in my opinion if there are rules about doing all tasks and having certain point values then the neighborhood is "derby focus" or "derby 320 only" they are not chill and they are attracting the wrong players to click on their posts.

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    Hi FairieFae
    There are neighbourhoods that manage to have a relaxed laid back attitude and a successful derby team. Some neighbourhoods recruit derby players and non derby players in order to keep things balanced. It also works well when the derby team is small. With a small derby team there is no scrabbling for tasks and each player can work more than one task at a time resulting in a quick finish meaning that for 4 or 5 days a week there is no derby going on because it is over.

    So 320 derby neighbourhood can, quite legitimately describe itself as chill and is well within its rights to respond to ads by players who are not interested in the derby and are looking for a relaxed neighbourhood.

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    320 derby are not chill or relaxed. Insisting that a player only do the highest value task or they must opt out is not chill or relaxed. In my previous hood lots of people played and did not do the 320 tasks (its call life). That was relaxed.

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