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Thread: Unbreakable Achievement (5,000 successful defenses)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOOM2U View Post
    Most will take that DE and quit but if you really want to stack up defends for unbreakable rip that band-aid off quickly and drop to bronze. The speed in which it can be accomplished is exponential comparatively to other leagues.
    Will follow that advice! My descent will be in steps, stopping off to "visit" Leagues along the way. A couple hundred a day, then spend some time. It has been so long since I have been below Titans, I want to see what the state of various leagues as they are are today. Kind of like taking a road trip and stopping to do sightseeing along the way.
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    UPDATE to original post...

    I started the push for Unbreakable at 5:00 PM on 1/1/19...3 days and 2 hours later I have 707 defensive wins. So that is about 230/day...not 140/day. BTW - I had about 3,100 defensive wins when I started this push.

    The difference now for more defensive wins per day is I have built two wall pieces and my gold and elixir storages are down to about million each and I dump my generators often. When there is no obvious loot to snipe, the raids produce way fewer 30 minute guards.

    To get my elixir storages down I make a whole bunch of dragons or pekkas or whatever makes me happy...when they are all ready, I edit the army and delete them. I then edit again and delete the army in reserve that just refilled the army I deleted...Make more dragons/pekkas...REPEAT.
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    I spent some years down there raiding small bases.. ended up with over 45,000 defence wins.... o_0

    Its just a patience game.
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    It use to be easier without this new shield system. U will wake up with 20 pl3us win

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    Sometimes someone would just drop whole troops and hit surrender at 30%, thus come up with 12 hours shield. That part annoyed me.

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    I forgot...
    Try dropping below 99 cups... clouds will be more annoying, you will see more than once the same base offered, and chat isn’t an option during clouds
    A quick way to finish that achievement, but horribly annoying, to drop 5-800 cups every few hours.

    PS: I dropped my unbreakable about exactly a year ago, wih about 800 defs/week in low bronze, with a few drops in 2-digit cup area. At the time th11 were getting more camp space, royals gained 5 level and the first games were happening. My progress in low leagues was as fast, if not faster, than my friends in high leagues.

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    I'm TH 10 Max at 1800 trophy. So, i have 500s defences.

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    Did the same last year. Found it helped if ya left a nice open spot for people to drop a hero, so they don’t destroy a building before they quit. Found many would trade defends with ya if ya did so. Time spent to get the achievement is determined solely by how often you log on and clear the guards and drop those cups. Had fun hitting those defenseless engis while down there when I got bored, but other than that can think of nothing more boring.

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    Great thread. Was just about to post a question after staying in Masters 3 since season started and only getting 50 defs.

    All walls and defenses are done. Just need to upgrade the new ice golem, bat spell and slammer. So I'm completely done with gold and put it outside my base. I also put my DE outside for extra attractiveness.

    It's kinda annoying that I still go through several hour spells of not getting attacked even though I have no shield/guard. Guess I need to plunge down to bronze to really get hit by the trophy droppers.

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    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but base design plays a key in this. Post shield system change, you will get a 30 minutes village guard even if only one building was destroyed.

    So the main thing is to have a base with all resources and TH in the middle of the base, put a square wall on the outside and keep ALL buildings out of AQs range. This way most people will just drop trophies without giving you a guard. Some people might still try to attack your base but those are rare.

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