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Thread: Upgrading to TH11 help request

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    Upgrading to TH11 help request

    Hi, upgrading to th11 and wondered if you could help focus my plans to upgrade based on my current status.

    Iím still at th10, maxed except for a couple DE troop and spell upgrades. Haste is in progress, just started it yesterday. Iíve read itís good to upgrade lab while having an upgrade going.

    My current stores of gold, elixir, and DE are pretty low as I finished my last walls last night.

    Now the details that matter: I donít war that much I know that is important. I have a book of building and heroes and runes of gold and elixir for home base. Finally I have 300 of whatever the unit is you use to buy hammers, I was thinking of using a hammer of building to do the th upgrade, and then runes to buy the warden and cc. Then something to get the lab going ASAP as well.

    Any advice is welcome thanks!

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    My focus is always lab, cc, spell factory, then camps. I would suggest reserving hammers and books for painful items. For me these are barracks and spell factories. The rest you can use while upgrading. Personally, I wouldn't waste a hammer on the th upgrade. Farm the resources then max your storage while upgrading. Then use combos of books, runes, hammers, to knock out some stuff quickly. Be prepared, th11 is super elixir hungry at the beginning. I staued6in low crystal and dis goblin raids until I could get miners and healers to 5. Qw miners is my main raiding army but be careful to ensure you profit on elixir as it is elixir heavy. I switch to gibowitch to farm elixir then back to miners to farm de. Tons of loot in crystal. It's been quite fun. I have 50/50/18 heroes now and steadily working on defenses, lab and walls. Main annoyance is archer towers, cannons, mortars, bows, eagle, and infernos all have two levels of upgrades.

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