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Thread: Need an army stratergy with witches!!!!!!!!!Urgent!!!!!!!!

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    Need an army stratergy with witches!!!!!!!!!Urgent!!!!!!!!

    I am a mid-maxed Town hall 9. I have alomost most of the elixer troops maxed and dark troops are not maxed yet. My heroes are of level 12/12. My army camp spaces are 220 and all spells and troops are unlocked. Please tell me any witch army stratergy that could help me to farm resources and trophy pushing.

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    Max 9?

    The answer is witch slap. I can't believe you are not already using it.

    10 witches, 4 healers. Witches typically go in the corner. 5 in each with two healers each.

    1 golem, 5 wbs 1 wizard

    There are some variations but I used that army in titan. I was a 9.

    Search Youtube for witch slap. This is the goto war attack at TH9, rarely doesn't three star.

    When I attacked 10s in Titan, I did it different. Didn't usually put the witches on the corners.
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    "Witch Slap". Youtube has millions of videos on it.

    It's the best TH9 attack strategy but for it to be reliably successful you will need high level heroes and bowlers in your CC.

    Basically you drop two groups of witches at each corner of the base with healers, so they walk down the sides and clear out everything they can target. Then you send in everything else to the core: golem, heroes, more witches, wizards and CC bowlers.

    Like I said, high-level heroes and bowlers are essential for success but with cheap witches now you can start to practice.

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    agreed with the above. however, several things can kill this attack.

    firstly, ads spread out covering the edges will take out the healers. protected splash damage buildings on the outside can leave witches vulnerable.
    blowers pointing out near the base edges can push healers off long enough for a couple point defenses to take the witches out. if the base has all buildings inside the walls this can be an issue too, if your witches and healers get drawn in to within range of an AD. In cases like these you can sometimes have success modifying it by adding some Giants/ wiz in place of the healers and a couple witches.

    further, it works best with level 2 witches, level 4 healer and level 2 jump. the higher the golem the better as well. i never ran the attack with WBs at all. one or two jumps. double poison for cc
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    10 witches ,1 golem,4 healers, 2 wiz, 3 wall breakers. Drop 4 witches in 1 corner with 2 healers and 5 in the other with the other 2 healers. Drop golem in middle along with heroes, other witch, and I go with bowlers in cc. 3 rage, 1 jump, and freeze. Also maxxed freeze in cc. Takes practice but challenges help that. Make sure you pay attention to which defense your golem will go to. You want him in the middle. Once you've dropped them all...drop your wall breakers for the outside wall and then rage once you start in and then use your spells as needed. Freeze could be for cc, infernos, AQ...I save the last witch for the middle instead of the corners because air cc troops will destroy your kill squad. Thus the other 2 wiz.
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    WITCH SLAP!!! As stated above, witch slap is probably one of the best ground attacks there is for an th9.

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    He is asking for strategy for farming and not war. If you are gaming without CC then witchslap is gimped without Bowlers and your Queen is probably upgrading. Also Golem takes a pick chuck of your famed DE.

    I been trying a variety of no CC/Hero farming with witch because of the event. The one working best for me is

    16 Giants, 8 Witches, 11 Wizards and 4 Earthquake. I create an easy funnel and destroy from the inside. I usually get 2 star and most of the DE. 3 star on easier based.

    This is focused on the most DE per hour using Witches and only during witch event.

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