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Thread: What's the Best Miner Attack

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    What's the Best Miner Attack

    I have level 2 miners and I am a rushed/engineered TH10 with access to all troops except for the Ice Golem and the Electro Dragon. I am wondering what the best Miner attack is for Th10.

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    Been using queen walk with miners with my th10 to farm de. Basically you use the queen walk on one side, king with a few wizards on the other side to make the base narrower and make sure that the miners go to the core. I use valks in wall wrecker if itís a war attack. If Iím just farming I usually donít use cc troops.

    Not sure if Iím explaining it well so hereís a video about this strat. 🙂

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    Youtube is the best answer

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    What I usually do is an AQ charge, so I can for example take out one corner of a square base, leaving an L form. Then I release the miners. Basically it is quite the same tactic as a hog attack, just create a good path.

    In order to make the AQ charge work I take 2 baby dragons to create a funnel, and a few wall breakers to get her inside. Use the BK to help either clearing that 1/4, or to help pathing the miners depending on the base design.

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    Alot of Miners. Rushed = Go low (gold/crystal)
    TH12 - lvl206 - 298k FIN - Oct2012 - 12 Okt + 3 mos
    Gold Grab - 2bn
    Elixir Escapade - 2bn
    Heroic Heist - 23.97m +3,52
    BH8 - PB 4329

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    You're not going to be that successful until you get those miners to 3.

    I use 4 healers, 1 baby D, 3 wallbreakers, 3 or 4 wizards and the rest miners with 3 heals 2 rage 1 poison. If you have someone giving you siege machines thats a big plus. I'll use ice golems in the wrecker.

    I QW usually on the side where the DE storage is. Use the baby D and the QW to clear the edge (and sometimes the king )and try and get those miners into the middle of the base and in front of the queen. Drop your heals anywhere there are wizard towers or you see big bombs. Once you get the hang of it you can core out most bases before you lose most of your miners and your queen will still be walking around cleaning things up.

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    For Farming. though mine are maxed at TH12 I run a MinerWiPe.

    4 Healers, 2 Witch, 2 PEKKAs rest Miners. 1 Rage 3 Heals 2 Freeze 1 Poison. or all Heals if you prefer. scale it for TH10.

    Deployment:Spread a Witch, a PEKKA, and 2 Healers on a wide funnel on each side of the funnel. Drop the Siege (Wrecker) and AQ and BK then Spread wide line of Miners (I usually use 3 finger deployment) heal as you go.(Warden -when you get one- with the Miners).

    if the ADs are buried then the PEKKAs can really tear the sides down with Witch spamming Larrys for distraction.
    Good fun.

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