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    Have you successfully redeemed Clan Games award after 1/3/19?

    We've already filed a bug report in ...

    The problem, in a nutshell, everything about the 32nd clan games got zeroed out for our entire clan sometime before the evening of 1/2/19 Eastern Standard Time. Players who redeemed on 1/1/19 or before had no issues. The problem is clan wide (over a dozen players) across all devices (Android, IOS, and Fire). We're wondering if all players in the game are unable to redeem now or is it just individual clans having the issue.

    Would you please post if you have successfully redeemed clen game awards after the beginning of 1/3/19?

    Thank you

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    I did on my main account but my mini account did not

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    Yes 10 chars

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    I just claimed my CGs rewards on my mini th7 successfully with less than 2 days left to claim
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    Already redeem long long ago

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    I claimed them on 1/3 on one of my accounts no problem.
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    In our clans people face the same issue: they could claim the rewards on some toons, but not on others. Even though the toons ARE in the list with scores (when I collect my rewards, I see them in the list). Even one of the moderators has added to one of the posts they are seeing this behavior in several of their own accounts.

    It would be the right thing to do for SC to respond to these numerous reports, even if just with an acknowledgement that this is being worked on. What will happen to the rewards for those affected otherwise... will they be lost? That can simply NOT be the way SC should want to go ....

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    Yes on all 4 of my accounts

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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...

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    We're aware of the issue and are still investigating what caused it. I don't have any additional details than that at the moment but will try to provide them as they come.
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