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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobenzochris View Post
    even if he sold it you still can continue n serve the clan and the new leader
    As of now this level 17 clan has only a th5 as the leader-no other members.
    It looks like this player wants to resell it or something.

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    I hate to be that guy who tells the truth no matter how cold it is but I will state the facts, even if you contacted support there is nothing they will do about it. The clan will still be in the hands of that guy and he may do with it as he wish (Sell it, invite new players, etc). It will be virtually impossible to get back in contact with the clan mates you had unless you guys have like a feeder clan or social group outside game etc. Otherwise you may as well just start looking for a new good clan. Good luck in your future clan.
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    Wow that looks to be a great clan also. Sry for y'alls loss. Your leader should have known better

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    Yep sucks to be us rn. Turns out our leader did get scammed 🙈
    Heck man!

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    Clan and new leader are gone in the meantime

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    even he sell it off and all clan mates leave. the level 17 clan is useless too to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyBorg97 View Post
    Yep sucks to be us rn. Turns out our leader did get scammed
    Game account related issues should be reported to Supercell Support.

    Moved to correct subforum and closed - main forum rule no.1 refers.

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