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Thread: Hello:) We are looking for new neighbors

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    🍒🍒 🛑 STOP 🛑 🍒🍒 This neighborhood is the one for you! Check us out🤗

    ☝🏽This is literally what the neighborhood name is called. This is because I would like to welcome anyone who would love to join the neighborhood.

    Neighborhood Name: Hello
    *dont forget the smiley face. Itís a colon and a parenthese. We old school lol😂
    Neighborhood ID/Tag: #PPJL80RR
    Neighborhood Emblem: Itís a green square and red cherries 🍒

    -OUR GOAL: Is to have fun and help everyone out in the neighborhood. This being said we love to help each other but letís not take advantage🤗

    -DERBY: We are very involved in the derby! If you donít want to participate just let me know and we can opt you out until your ready to join back in. We have 4 silver and 6 bronze medals. Yes we are fairly new but not really. We are aiming to get a gold medal. Want to help us out? Come join the neighborhood! If there are task you want trashed just let me know by sending a message in the neighborhood and Iíll trash them. I try to stay on top of trashing low point tasks. Our derby level is ďChampions LeagueĒ.

    -ABOUT THE NEIGHBORHOOD: There are 9 members currently and we are seeking more friendly people. Thatís what this neighborhood is about! Being friendly to each other and having fun! The neighborhood as I said is kinda of new but this only means it has potential to grow☺️. Why donít you be a part of it! All I ask is to help out eachother when you can! Thatís it.

    -NEIGHBORHOOD REQUIREMENTS: The people currently involved are at high levels such as level 50ís and 60ís and 100ís. This being said our minimum level to join is level 45. This is so that we are all in the same range to help eachother out. We only speak English in the neighborhood. Iím sorry I wish I knew more languages that way everyone could join. There is no age requirement just the level requirement.

    -EXPANDING LAND: We help eachother as much as possible. But we donít share materials used to expand land. Such as land deeds, mallets and marker stakes. Those we donít share. Itís hard to find them on our own and I bet everyone needs a lot of them. I do sometimes have leftovers that I will put on my shop.

    -TALKING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: I would consider the ďHelloĒ neighborhood to be talkative when need be. We arenít very chatty but would like to be since there are 9 members. We would love to have you help us out.

    -RULES: Our rule is.....there are no rules! Lol Just kidding. There arenít really rules for the neighborhood other than the ones Iíve already said. Like thereís no rules about boat help, watering plants or townie rules. Just try and help out your friendly neighbors when you can and no cussing. Because thatís what this neighborhood is about. Helping eachother, being friendly and also to have fun!

    Neighborhood Name: Hello
    *dont forget the smiley face
    Neighborhood ID/Tag: #PPJL80RR
    Neighborhood Emblem: Itís a green square box and red cherries 🍒

    We would love to have you! Come help us expand and letís have fun. Hope you join😊

    NEIGHBORHOOD LEADER: ďMonkeysĒ level 70
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    Come join! Our neighborhood is all about being friendly🤗

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    Want to join a friendly neighborhood? Then the Hello neighborhood is the one for you! The smiley face is not an emoji itís a colon and a parentheses.

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    It says you do not have a lot of rules but you seem serious about the derby. I am wondering: is it expected people will do all the tasks if they are not opting out? Is there a point minimum for the number of tasks? I suspect I am too casual of a derby player for your neighborhood, but this would be good for players to know when they are reading these descriptions. Best wishes!

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    Oh great question! You arenít required to do all the tasks but if your playing in the derby you got to help out. Thereís no pressure for you HAVING to do the derby which is why you opt out. But if your in the derby again you donít have to do all the tasks but you should help out 🤗

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    Looking for friendly neighbors! Weíre all about helping eachother out!

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    Come be part of our ď helloĒ neighborhood. Itís not an emoji. Itís a colon : and a parentheses )

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    We would love to have neighbors in level 45 or higher to join our chill and friendly neighborhood🤗

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    Come help us get first in the derby🐎 We would love to have you🤗
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    We are looking for new members! Level 50 and up! Come check us out🤗

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