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    The 'El Primo' Thread - Now That He's Gone

    Please can we keep el primo troop,even if he is nerfed a bit! Hes a great troop and with his wall wreaking feature hes a definite keeper!

    hes much better than the ice golem ..not the greatest troop sc introduced imo!

    So plz help to get sc to change their mind and make el primo a permanent troop (and maybe ditch ice golem)!

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    If he were to become a permanent trooop then SC would have to nerf him a whole lot as he is way too strong, but as a temporary troop he sure was a lot of fun....
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    I seriously doubt if he will be nerfed "a bit"

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    No, No, No... it was fun using primo in the raiding and as a temp troops. As for permanent troop, I gotta say no cuz its too OP. So let's hope that El Primo will make some appearance over the time.
    There's people that depend on El Primo too much in the war. Bad idea to go into that direction.

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    Using 1 primo to destroy a max level wall in 3 hits wasn't very fun to abuse. I think making seasonal troops into permanent troops is a cop out that SC does not want to do. I would like to assume they would rather bring a permanent troop that is more fresh in design than something that's already seen game play.
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    There's a reason everyone has so much fun with temporary troops ....

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    There's a good reason there were no Mexican wrestler characters in the Lord of the Rings.

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    Nacho Libre was fun, but Iím ready for it to go away. In a recent war I needed to funnel and screwed up since it has been so long needing to funnel (or have any strategy)

    Iím happy to see Witch Slap Event start up

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    There's a good reason there were no Mexican wrestler characters in the Lord of the Rings.

    Yeah, but Lord of the Rings was filled with "miners" wearing hard hats that look like construction workers from the Bronx? Got it.

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