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    Quote Originally Posted by RepublicanFarm View Post
    Yeah, but Lord of the Rings was filled with "miners" wearing hard hats that look like construction workers from the Bronx? Got it.
    Good point, let's get rid of those guys too. Or at least call them dwarves or something more sword-and-sorcery like. Unless you want to go the other way, in which case let's add aliens, lawyers, T-800 Terminators, garbage men, tribbles, computer geeks, vampires, country singers, ewoks, screaming babies, lizard men, janitors, mermaids, police men, oompa loompas, hobos, yahoos, car mechanics...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moaner View Post
    Please can we keep el primo troop,even if he is nerfed a bit! Hes a great troop and with his wall wreaking feature hes a definite keeper!

    hes much better than the ice golem ..not the greatest troop sc introduced imo!

    So plz help to get sc to change their mind and make el primo a permanent troop (and maybe ditch ice golem)!
    Sorry but I couldn’t disagree more.

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    El Primo in army camps after event?

    Just for clarity, will all traces of El Primo be removed after the event?

    Just about to go to sleep so was wondering if I pre-train my el Primo armies, will they still be there?

    I don't want to gamble and wake up to half an army and elixir down the pan lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMike1984 View Post
    Just for clarity, will all traces of El Primo be removed after the event?
    yes. Seasonal Troops are removed from camps/queue/CC after the end of an event.

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    You will get your elixir back ...... but Los Primos will be gone.
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    hmm... i remembered someone still keeping Giant Skeleton for many months after the event finished, so maybe the primo works this way too

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangermerah View Post
    hmm... i remembered someone still keeping Giant Skeleton for many months after the event finished, so maybe the primo works this way too
    They changed it pretty recently

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    I’d love if we could keep him - he’s great for farming! But, alas...I am confident we will lose El Primo just like the Giant Skeleton and Ice Wizard before him....
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    Definitely not now as it does not matches with coc style of characters. But who knows maybe next time..

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    I absolutely love this troop and want them to stay. We NEED another kind of wall breaker as the current ones has terrible AI and die too easy. I dont care if the troop is nerfed to do nothing but bust walls, we need this troop.
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