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Thread: A brand new mechanic for the boat !

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    BOAT : A brand new mechanic for the boat !

    Hi, it's my first time on the forum so I hope the SuperCell staff will take the time to read my message ! (I start by saying I'm french so my English isn't perfect, sorry for that)

    So I have this idea since the "boat" sneak peek started to be announced ! I was quite disappointed on the way SuperCell used the boat ! My idea is to change the "boat", because it's more like a decoration than a real boat !

    I wanted to share the following idea :
    create a "map" (of the sea) where we can send our boat/ship on a trip ! The trip is like a "mission". For exemple, you can send your ship onto a trip that last I don't know, maybe around 2 days, and when the trip end, you earn ressources, or special items ect...
    You could also add troops in your ships like Witcher or archers (the boat have troops capacity depending on its level). And with these troops in the boat, we would be able to attack other players boat (attack would be automatic, the player can only see the "powerrank" of the ennemy boat he would like to attack, the probability to win and the possible reward).
    The more the player explore the map, the bigger it gets !

    This is the main idea of what I'd like to see in the game. I know that it's not a small things, but I'm sure that the aspect of exploration and "boat fight" (even if they are automatic, non controllable) would be a true experience for the game !

    I hope you'll like this idea.

    Matiboy, a player that love your hard work !
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