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Thread: Member history/Discord/Bot/Banned clan member

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    Member history/Discord/Bot/Banned clan members

    I’m relatively new to League play. As a new member, it is my understanding that temporarily or permanently banned members and even members that had residency within a banned or temporarily banned clans are not allowed any sort of residency in our clan while we participate in MLCW. I’ve been told about a Discord Bot that does a member history check so that we are within the League rules.

    Can someone tell me about the Discord Bot?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Pretty sure mlcw have a bot if you ask them. There is another bot that the CWL use "maniacs bot" not sure if its the same one mlcw use or not.

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    You can try Minion Bot. It has a lookup command that will search known war attacks, and also clash of stats. It will tell you if a village is league banned, but that is a new feature that I don't think has caught on yet.

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    Where can we get maniacs bot? Could u plz help me

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