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    Supercell fails with Clan Game Rewards

    The last clan games (not the current ones) I did not receive my rewards. My clan, as always, maxed the tiers. When I contacted Supercell I was ultimately given (after waiting about a week) 300 gems. 300 gems is not even close to the value of the rewards I had earned. 300 gems I can get 1 hero boost from the trader. When I tried to bring this up through the in game support I was repeatedly shut down. The help I got was patronizing and dismissive. I found the "compensation" for supercell's server failure (that is what they told me happened) to be far from adequate and insulting. I found the the customer service over what should have been a very simple fix to be appalling. I would like to see this issue remedied, though I have come to expect less from supercell - not more. I am committed to not spending another dime on clash of clans until this is remedied and I may just just leave after 4+ years and hundreds of dollars spent. Very disappointing.
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