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    Clan Games Glitch

    After the last Clan Games we had it said that my clan (including myself) had scored "zero" points. As a result I wasn't able to select any rewards, when in fact my clan unlocked every tier and I scored over 2000 points.

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    Clan Game Rewards


    Did Supercell change how the reward system works for clan games? Before once you completed your challenges you would be able to hop over to other clans to hang out, do wars, or whatever but still get your rewards. However this past clan games I max out in points 4000, went to another clan and when I click on rewards it states clan games are over and I didnít complete a challenge... Any info is much appreciated.


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    We don't have this issue in our clans, where people hop frequently, even do wars in clan B in between accumulating points for clan games in clan A ...

    If you're sure you participated in this set of clan games, then my advice would be to open a support ticket in game. You might also check your achieve from a week ago on clashleaders (if that site is up and running again)
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    one of my accounts collected rewards in different clan, and once collected I cant even see the tent.
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    I got the same bug with my alt account, what can we do to get our rewards?

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    Only thing we as forum members can suggest is to contact ingame support to see what they say.

    There's nothing any of us here can do concerning any potential missing rewards.

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    Iím playing with an apple device but have the same problem with several accounts. All my results are set to zero and therefore I canít select any rewards anymore! This really not funny at all

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    Same with my two accounts, zero points and no rewards �� 3rd acc is fine and all three are in the same clan

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    Clan Games Rewards

    I completed 4000 points in clan games but after event ended the system show that i not take any challenge, 0 point. Bug? I want my clan games rewards since i completed 4000 points, how? Please help!

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    There was another post here earlier about it too, I wonder if there is some sort of bug. You should contact In-game support.

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