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    Contacted in game support but only auto reply which totally cannot help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaineltsl View Post
    Contacted in game support but only auto reply which totally cannot help.
    Click the button that says your problem has not been resolved, it should direct you to a real person.

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    How many players played it? Were some tiers of reqard unlocked?

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    Same here, several accounts, same clan, says zero points for clan and account. Using iPhone

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    Maybe its a bug. Are u in the same clan now that you complete all the games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaineltsl View Post
    I completed 4000 points in clan games but after event ended the system indicated i not take any challenge, 0 point. What happend? Anyone can help? I want my clan games rewards since i completed 4000 points, please help!
    Just happened to me on my second account too. Our clan reached max rewards, and I haven't changed or left the clan in years. I completed over 2000 clan games points. The "collect rewards" cart showed up, but when I tapped it, it showed a results screen showing I and the whole clan had earned zero points. Now the clan games cart is gone, with just the little box showing, like it does after you collect rewards.

    I've got full rewards in every clan games, I'm not new to how it all works. Something is definitely messed up.

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    Looks like bugs are just repeating at every level. This clan games event started with that bug which gave some players extra 800 points too.

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    The same thing happened to one of my clan mates. He reported a bug of 500 pts cap shortly after the clan games began. He finished 4000 pts after the bug had been fixed but he got nothing after the CG.

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    How is this possible

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    Did you leave the clan before games end? (I know you can still claim out of clan). Only reason I ask is the only possibility that I could come up with is maybe the clans capped at 50 rewards to give out and maybe if you left then someone else joined and started games and there was 50 on the list that completed games then anyone else might be cut out. Otherwhise I can’t think of any possibility of why apart from a bug (which is proberly most likely your case)
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