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Thread: Troops gameplay

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    Troops gameplay

    I canít recall how many times I have missed the three star on my opponents base, because my troops stick together at the end of the raid. For example, if there are to buildings across the map from each other, my troops will go to one building at a time not splitting up, and causing me a two star victory. I know it doesnít seem like much, but it gives foresight into a deeper problem. Some troops will make mind boggling decisions that cost me the game. Troops should be updated to make better decisions, like going through open walls instead of attacking one when there are more viable options.

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    It's your job to learn the troops' AI and deploy them accordingly. It's not the job of the AI to read your mind and do what you want it to do.

    If you're left with 2 buildings on opposite sides of the map... my question is, why? Did you just "spray and pray" with all your troops at the beginning of the attack?

    The AI is fine. Adjust your attack style like the rest of us and you'll be 3 starring bases soon enough.

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    You should try to keep archers for the corner buildings. This won't help much if there are teslas near them though.

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