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Thread: needs th12..anti 3stars

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    needs th12..anti 3stars

    needs th12 war base anti3 star..
    all base now got3 with BTspells

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    See some of those CWL stream.

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    This is what I am doing right now for defending against bats:

    1. Set infernoes to multi-target mode.
    2. Spread out your wiz towers evenly.
    3. Make sure the wiz towers and multi-target infernoes are within attack range of each other, but freeze spell cannot hit both at the same time. (this way the wiz towers and infernoes can protect each other from bats).
    4. Position Xbows (air mode) near wiz towers and infernoes, not not in freeze range (see number above). The Xbows do very fast shooting of small damage so they drop bats very quick.

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