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    Magic iteam can gift to clan members

    I have to discuss to game specialist to add more craze to clan member if we add option that magic iteam can be gift to member.
    Now i see lots of member are inactive and also lots of member have more then one account to specially for donation so that kind of user not participating for normal war, league war, clan game or not farming sometimes.
    If we have that option all that member will participate in all clan games and regulaer war and league war. That would be massive change i guess.
    One more thing i personally suggest to add more troop quick train panel. Will be easy for people to try more formula for farming.....that i will ask from very long time...but may be my idea is not that much good.....i dont know...but personally i thing it would be massive....for sure....

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    I'm not sure how this would work. More specifically, how gifting magic items to others would bring back inactive people to the game? First thing that comes to my mind is that active people (often already with multiple accounts) will make a few minis to participate in clan games with (to the requested minimum) and then gift their items to the main account, which then will go even faster in reaching max...

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    This is resource trading, which is a ruled out idea.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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