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    Uninstall game and reinstall it, it will be fixed

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    Banned??? Why?

    Iím trying to recover my account after a long time without playing so I uninstalled the app and after that when Iím trying to recover my account from the same device that I was playing before, but I cant access to the old email because it was a company email and im not working there now.. after some questios I get a message that says that Im banned permanently because Im trying to use an identity thats is not mine?????? Really??? Thats the best way that supercell has to help a user that was playing for years???????????? Im so dissapointed with supercell... it really seems incredible to me. The reason for recover my account is to help my son in the game and you treat me like a delinquent??? Thank you so much!!!

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    This is my account lockout department and ask me to send a lot. Any request will be locked after a few hours. not related to the device but reinstalled

    Quote Originally Posted by Narender3 View Post
    Uninstall game and reinstall it, it will be fixed

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    why I got ban

    I lost my account in 2016 (cv 7), but I have other (in cv 10) I dont remember very well all details, so I got prement ban because
    I tried to steal my own account?! since 1 year ago I had already proved that the account was mine, and why would I want to have a lesser account

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    Bye felicia.

    The forums cannot help you. All you can do is contact the ingame support

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    Yes . And I send support in the game, all silence and lock request. so I have to go up here to ask for help. My account is locked while I provide enough information. This is supercell for gamers or forcing gamers to create new accounts.
    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    i hope you can see now why support banned you. as it has been pointed out you have to deal with ingame support and ingame support does not work here on forum.

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    What should I do to continue playing the game?

    Hello Admin Supercell. I am Vietnamese . I was unreasonably locked by Supercell staff.

    I submit a request to delete Supercell ID. And then granted the template. Ever changed the name, last name? Which clan do you go to? Create an account when. Login on any device ... buy a gem or not ....
    All information I answered was relatively accurate.
    Only my account is logged on many devices and in many places. So spc locked my account and told me not to provide enough ??? Now that my account is hacked, how do I know where my account is logged ???

    Now I just send support to request that verification is locked and not supported?

    So Supercell is facilitating support for gamers or is it hard for gamers?

    Looking forward to the XET Supercell VIST Board of my case

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    What do I do when the Vietnamese support team works this way?

    When I submit a support request, will the team support the request and not answer? What do they consider gamers while they have locked my account absurdly? . Content I send "For me Why do I close the request without replying so spc?
    I want to change Supercell ID. ďThe board of directors helped me to transfer this article to the department that could rescue me. thank you .

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    I think support is generally same regardless your country.

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    I sent a request for a Supercell ID, I was locked out of an account, and now I send more times to be locked that time. I am not sure how to be supported. I thought the forum could be resolved, but I was not answered by the forum supporters

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobenzochris View Post
    I think support is generally same regardless your country.

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