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Thread: NH search by tag id-what am i doing wrong

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    NH search by tag id-what am i doing wrong

    I seem to be unable to locate a NH by it's id tag. Aren't we able to do this? Every tag i've tried to enter comes back with no results. How exactly are the id supposed to be entered, iow with the # sign and then the letters and numbers? I've tried both entering just the letter/number and letters/numbers with # in front.

    Am i doing something wrong?

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    Are you putting in zeros and not o’s? They are all zeros.
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    It may be a farm I’d #. Try entering it in your friend book and see if that gets results. If you know the name of the NH try entering the name instead in the NH search box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
    Are you putting in zeros and not os? They are all zeros.

    Thanks for the help, I finally figured that out.

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