Welcome to AspiringVoltiac
* We’re a close group of casual gamers, family oriented, group who prides ourselves on professionalism and preserving fair play.
* We are a war clan built on the foundation of loyalty and respect.
* We are war-focused and push our members to compete, and actively involve themselves in war strategies and the overall betterment of the clan.
* AV is always looking for new applications from adult, easy going players that strive for success and dedicate their time and efforts to becoming or remaining 3* specialist.
* You’ll want to make sure you are familiar with many of the 3* strategies out there for your specific TH.
* We are one of the top fair play war clans as well as legacy clans that have stood the test of time; rank nationally and internationally.
* We are looking for active members who like to war and meet the clan requirements listed below.
* If you are looking for a active war clan, with loyal dedicated members, who strive to master the art of war, then AspiringVoltiac is for you.

This is our Discord Server, If you wish you can join our server: