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    Match-Fixing in Clan War Leagues

    I'm not sure where to post something like this since I've never had to report any clans before, so if there is a more appropriate place to do this let me know.

    Two clans in our current League match-up clearly fixed their last match. Everyone's scores for the previous days have hovered around 25-32 stars, whereas these two gave each other perfect wars last round. We happen to be going against one of these clans for our last day, and I see that their #14 has a easily 3-starred layout (all defenses grouped into the corners with all the wall pieces piled in the center). He likely forgot to change it back before our war with them started.

    Clans in question are <redacted>. As it happens both have similar emblems, the same clan location (Vatican City), but appear to be chinese.
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    I don't think anyone one clan do something about this. It's really a serious issue. One of my friend mentioned about it to me. I don't think even supercell can do something about them.

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    I would hope they (SuperCell) would be able to issue some sort of punishment against these clans.

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    I'm not sure if posting the tags here is allowed, since you're matching these tags with (potential) negative activities. This behavior happens in more places in CWL, but to be honest: even though I don't like it and I'd love to see something done against it, I wouldn't have any sound ideas as to how to get SuperCell to 'police' this ... like those orange wars and such....

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    There is no pint reporting here, other than as a general discussion point, as noboy on the forums has any power to access game files, and cannot do anything about it.

    The only place a report might have any effect would be to report it to in game support.
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    Yes collusion exists, always has, always will. Before CWL, collusion groups existed, and do exist today, existing for the sole purpose of predeciding war outcomes. And no, these groups are not isolated to just one country nor culture, they are global. Simply put, SC cannot control factors outside the game, including contact between people.

    Only thing I have seen suggested to date to possibly prevent, or at least curtail, CWL collisions (acknowledgement to 2222 for this idea): Blind CWL Matchups - All clans within group outside your own clan are generically identified (Clan A, Clan B, etc.), same for the players within the clan (Player A, Player B, etc.). Only after all 7 rounds are completed are the true clan names revealed.

    To collude, or even spy, on someone, you need to know who they are and how to contact them first. Simply take that indentification away.
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    I wonder how can someone fix a match in coc is that even possible? If yes I'm not angry or upset I'm just shocked to know ppl have such creativity to compromise super cell match making system 😎😎😎

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    This 'issue' is simply above your paygrade. And mine too obviously.

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    Interesting discussion, this happens in war for the explicit purpose of using war to farm, and I have seen the farm war alliance mentioned here a few times - not sure of all the details, but it seems to clearly involve throwing wars to get maximum loot boni and maximum clan points. Nobody has seemed to be upset about it.

    I guess the big difference here is that if these 2 clans manage to get maximum stars, the rest of the clans in their group will suffer.

    Wherever there is something at stake people will try to tip the odds in their favour, whether it is by shifting up/down to get the best rewards or by throwing matches. And if things don't go the way they want they complain here and ask for changes to the system which they hope will help them.

    I doubt you can solve the problem - CWL struck a blow at engineering, but the next way of trying to milk the system will come soon.

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    If they fixed a match 45:45 I think they probably lost +10 stars for a victory(not sure though, can someone confirm this?). So it is like they won a war with 35 stars. Anyhow, SC should review that war and punish this kind of behaviour.

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