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Rubbish. You KNOW who the clans are after the search is done. You can communicate with any one clan in the match.

At any rate, who cares?! CWL is not a competition between clans, it's a reward grab. I finally took ALL of my strong TH12's out of CWL. They don't need rewards as they are maxed, so what's the point of having them in CWL? Now, if the non participants got the same amount of rewards as those in CWL, then CWL would be a competition. As it is, CWL is just a joke and it's purpose for a clan is to grab as many stars as possible.

I say make all bases in CWL be an easy 3 star so everyone gets the max amount of rewards.
You sound salty. Is it because you don’t have the skill to compete in CWL or because you feel entitled?