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    Question Your Thoughts on the 2 Row Deployment Bar?

    I am using it but have only seen one post on the forums about it. He was complaining because it is only available for tablets.

    You can see why. It fills too much of the screen. It does take getting used to.

    It almost seems like a hidden secret. It might have been in the release notes but I missed it there. Maybe there was already a lot of thoughts given in that thread and I didn't see them. Maybe this post will get moved there too. If so, sorry mods.

    I wouldn't be surprised if more people don't know about it.

    I find it easier to deploy troops but more difficult to start the attack. Often the bar is where I need to deploy and that requires a lot of screen manipulation. Zoom in, drop troops, change to the other side, drop, zoom out, wait, wrong, zoom back in. LOL Drop again, zoom out again.

    Still, after a few FC, I found it worked better for me.

    First thought, why so big Supercell. I have done a small amount of graphic work/play on the web. For example, if you have a YouTube Channel getting the header image right was a pain. They might have changed it, I don't know.

    It shows different sizes for different devices. One size doesn't fit all and I'm sure that is related to why they are so big on my screen.

    It's odd that my 8 inch screen doesn't require scrolling but my 10 inch screen does if I don't use the 2 row deployment bar. It has to do with the perspective. 16:9 or whatever the sizes are. I don't remember. That determines if you have to scroll or not and probably the huge size I get on my new table. (The smaller tablet starting losing connection very often so now I only use for donations and even then only if I don't feel like changing accounts. But it was easier to play on before it got flaky.)

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    I forgot...
    Takes time to use it, for sure. And I’m having similar troubles in starting the attack, since that area now covers so much more of the base, on my iPadPro 13”.
    Tbh, I find it sometimes too big, but I mostly remember too late, and I am already in the attack phase.
    I could switch back to one-line, but I guess I am trying also to get used to the new location of heroes, and stuff to avoid being even more confused when I’ll start again using complex combos (like for events). I stay on ‘easy-scrolling’ armies, like eddies or bowlers.

    I wish the icons weren’t that big, but understand how it can affect smaller screens, to tap correctly the arrows for GW and SM.

    A first step, I hope, and not the end of QoL for that area of gameplay.
    Lucky for me, also, that there is no troop selected initially, so I can fiddle around with zooms and sliding the base to find the drop point I really wish to reach; and then proceed with zoom out and dropping rest of the stuff.

    One advice: do not select a spell before zooming in/out, as they may ‘help’ the grass or the trees , choose a troop, as these cannot be dropped everywhere, and that red message disappears fast

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    I find it easier to deploy troops but more difficult to start the attack..... Agree, which is why I enabled it at first, but then quickly reverted back to the "old way". At least for me, I find having a portion of the base unavailable to be a greater pain than scrolling the troop bar.
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    Other than the obvious Builder Base, it's quite possibly the worst idea to come out of SC headquarters for quite some time. It smells of 'we tried it, it didn't work but since we did it we'll throw it in there anyway'

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    I used it for exactly 2 mins of nexting before reverting back to the old way. It takes up way too much of the screen.

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    I tried once but that was to big to me .. they could make the size adaptable by size of your device... On a tablet of 10 inchs, that takes too much space that wasnt needed.

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    tryed it in few attacks but didnt like it. cant see the whole base even if i zoom complete out. cant deploy troops properly because of that big troop bar.

    as you can see i cant deploy troops in lower corner. i have to zoom in to able to deploy troops at the lower corner.
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    Found it totally impractical for myself, I don't like the scrolling screen, but this as an alterative option I found totally unusable, so I'll stick to the scrolling screen for now.

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    I'm with everyone else, tried it and quickly switched back as too difficult to start the attack from the bottom side of bases.

    Nice idea but not practical for me.

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    They do special new method not comfortable, and want us to understand how IS good old scroll method. Lol )

    Little bit Joke, but i hope in future they make change, because idea is pretty good for users with Ipad

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