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Thread: Spell rebalance

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    Question Spell rebalance

    I think spells take a fairly long time to brew considering everything else. When farming my spells are usually the thing holding me back from going to the next raid. I know some people just barch or do cheap raids but generally the higher townhall you go spells are necessary. For war armies/ warring, spells are used, but the time to brew them doesn't really matter since the armies take x times as long anyways. Like i was saying for farming though, my spells usually take about 4-5 minutes longer. It sucks to sit there waiting for spells to brew just to go farm. Even heroes revive quicker if i am using them. The price on spells are also very high, but it isn't as big of a deal. i usually profit on my army costs anyways so changes to spell price isn't necessary. I believe a 2 minute cd reduction to elixir spells, and 1 minute to dark spells would benefit greatly to everyone. I don't really see the disadvantages to reducing this time either. Feel free to add comments, and upvote if you feel this would be nice to see next update!

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    My army completes with spell. It depends upon which town hall u are. If u say that hero's take more time than I agree but not spell.

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    yes it depends on army, but i am strictly referencing to farming comps. i use goblins or gobknife, or w/e farming army on short cd. spells just take very long to most comps. my el primo goblin strat rn is completing 10 min before spells. of course as you go up on townhalls the problem becomes more prominent, as well as hero cool down increasing with hero level, but that will not happen until heroes 30+

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    El Primo is just a seasonal troop. That's why they have less training time than other troops. Except 1-2 farming strategy spell time is nearly equal or greater than troops time.

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    Spells used to take a lot longer in the past, with many of them taking 45m to brew. Now it takes 33m at most for 11 spell space to completely brew. I think the spell brew times needn't be changed; at least for now anyway.
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