As you know, each month a forum member is chosen who deserves special recognition for their contribution to the forums. This monthís choice is beyond special.

When many of us think of the forum, we think of it in people, those who make it such an inviting and fun place to learn and share about the game and whose posts we look for because we know they will teach us or make us smile.

Itís believed that we can safely speak for many forum users when we say that Woozle is always at the top of that list. Every post shows how much she loves the forum and the people she shares it with. Her calm manner, nonjudgmental attitude, and her crack wit have blended into the forum so much that she has lent her brightness and essence to itís very nature. She has contributed much to make the forum what it is and has been a role model for members, particularly in accepting others views on playing the game with respect. She has raised spirits and quieted disputes.

Her saga of The Worm has given endless smiles and laughs, inspired LadyJEM5, Septemberís Poet Laureate, to write the very poem that earned her the title, and has united the two separate forums to overlap and become more of a larger single forum than two separate ones, both joined in the humor of The Worm and Mole Espionage Saga created and nurtured by Woozle and joined by members of both forums. Farmers are going over to the Dark Side and Clashing a few hours away and Clashers are coming over to the Light Side and swiping the fields and tending livestock. The endless hours of laughter, fun, and camaraderie she has inspired are noteworthy to say the least.

Her warm and giving spirit is further exemplified with The Smiley (give away/pay it forward) gifting thread that she created and supports. Itís amazing to see the posts of both the gifter and recipients on that thread. Of course the receivers are thrilled to receive hard-to-find objects and have their game made just a tiny bit easier, but you can also sense the enjoyment and thrill from the gifters to be have the opportunity to do something simple to make other players happy.

So, it is for all this that it is our honor to present Woozle with Novemberís contest win and award her two titles to encompass her multiple contributions to both forums. Congratulations Woozle, our very special Heart & Soul/Espionage Expert.

A brief description of these monthly forum only contests and how they work:

  • Employees & mods are not eligible to participate in these contests, but will help judge the winners.
  • Contest rules and specifics will change every month. They will not be announced in advance, so expect a surprise on the first of every month.
  • Spamming to increase post count is STILL against forum rules and will not win you the forum contest.
  • Have fun and be friendly. You never know when you could end up buried in diamonds!