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    Firstly, I applaud the quick change as it seems clear it was required....and especially before the next CWL.

    Secondly, I do not buy the nonsense of a “cash grab”’s just silly...but folks do like a conspiracy....

    Finally, I will say that it is obvious a little more thought and resource should be utilised in the testing process prior to launching new material. And yes I do understand that the player base are more likely to identify issues than testers would...but we can do better...

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    Even after the balancing, 5 or 6 hounds, 18 balloons, 11 bat spells under power potion flattened one of our TH12s in war.

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    Easy to see this was coming.
    So... When will you reduce the freeze time on Ice Golem death?

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    I would venture to guess most people complaining on here aren't even at TH12 for the new siege machine and/or haven't really utilized the new ice golem and bat spells. Considering it launched roughly 48 hours ago, you haven't really had the chance to sit down and go crazy with it.

    I work in radio. When we launch a new radio format, you don't hit everything perfect the first day, heck, even the first week. Songs get put in that we *think* will do great in the format, but test really poorly... only after having live metrics.

    It's the same for Supercell, as Darien mentioned. Live is sometimes the only way to do it. I used the hammer and book of everything to get the ice golem to level 3 in my TH11 (shameless plug: you can watch my video over in the content creation area).

    But seriously, for those complaining about this nerf, I'm actually glad it happened sooner than later. There were a lot of posts I read saying how silly the bat spell would be and how no one would use it, yet now everyone seems to be up in arms about it being nerfed.

    I say, play it out... let Supercell see how it goes. I'm sure there will be more adjustments as they see the game play occur. It's easy to have a kneejerk reaction to this whole thing but wise people just wait it out for a week or two and see how it goes.

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    Stone slammer doesn't seem to be breaking walls on the first hit... Anyone else notice this?

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    I BoBed the spell factory just before coming to the forums...silly Berg

    Never even got to use them at full power...but knew this would come after seeing the videos. Even so, right thing to do. Doing it this quickly should lessen the cash-grab mob...unfortunately never will be able to appease them all.

    Hopefully still useful for farming Pink/Gold with heavy Dark air army...and maybe even war against certain bases.

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    Well, seems like the changes helped. I'm still getting a few 12v12 triples with 7 hound 9 bat spells but not nearly as often as I was yesterday.
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    I totally understand, that there are several leauges in each tier. That is so obvious, that it is insulting to act, like I didn't know.
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    I know, it isn't easy for normal people to understand the thoughts of a genius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Soooo...not a cash grab then? I get confused which one we get accused of when we try to fix things right away. ;-)
    To get the grab things right ............ Most of us know there is allways a nerf after an overpowered release. But even with this knowlege I most probaly would have spend the gems in the next 2 days, just to support my clan for the CWL. It's still quite possible I'll do ..... but now it my choice and it's a luxury issue. If SC would have wait some days, I would have feeled forced to spend money. At least for me it's a big difference.
    Thank you for that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Soooo...not a cash grab then? I get confused which one we get accused of when we try to fix things right away. ;-)
    Wasn't making accusations either way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LordSk View Post
    i dont need a shovel.
    made your post look better.🙄

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