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Thread: Practicing using Clan Members' Bases

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    Practicing using Clan Members' Bases

    So, I recently returned from a 1 year break from CoC. As one might expect, I've had a hard time getting back to where I left off. Those of us in high level ths have a lot of weight in war, and generally expected to get consistent 2-3 stars. Practice makes perfect, though it's hard to replicate a good war scenario without 1) Doing and sucking at a bunch of wars, ultimately being a drag for your clan 2) requesting challenges ultimately filling up chat with dozens of 'challenge plz', and 3) spending a ton of time and elixirs changing your army. I was thinking that a new battle form could come in, where you could attack a clan member's base (main or war) without them having to put it in chat. Any replays, etc, could potentially be saved, if you feel like it, but nothing would go directly into chat, solving the spam issue. Another thing is that you can format your army similar to the builder base, though it wouldn't effect your army outside of that practice. One issue I see with this is that a member from another clan can do espionage during war. This could be solved by a 1-2 day timer from when a player joins, before they can practice against their clan mates.
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    I don't think that is something SC can do easily. And friendly challenges are not "spamming", it's all part of the game. If your clan does not appreciate the challenges, then there is the possibility that you may want to seek another clan. If you want practice, there are many clans that love to fc all the time.

    And adding a practice room would make so many people less communicative in the game. The point of clans is to help each other, not merely provide a base that you can attack at any time.

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