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    Exclamation I want my account to get banned.

    Hello guys,
    I lost my account on last September 1.
    I have tried everything I could to get it back. The one time recovery is already used by the guy who is playing it now. He switched my Supercell ID. But I can see the account details when I login to my email in game, but cant load bcos Supercell ID is connected to something else.

    So, I want to get the account banned. that way I can make sure nobody misuses my identity.
    I can prove it's my account anyways. I shared my account info with a freind which is against the ToS, I understood in my last thread. So BAN MY ACCOUNT PLEASE.
    Thank You.
    This is a great active community btw.

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    You need to contact SC Support in game the forum can not help you with this.

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    Only support can do that for you. I suppose just explain the situation and let the chips fall where they may.

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    Why are you making another thread on this? We already told you we can't help you here on the forums. You need to contact support.

    Here's the link to your old post if you missed it.
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    if you both are young ones why not contacting his parents and tell them the story?🙄

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    This didnít need to be re opened.
    Theres nothing we can do on the forums and you need to sort it out with player support.

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