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Thread: Personel town train after update

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    Personel town train after update

    I can 't see other townies to pick up from other farms after the update. Is there still something wrong?

    I did go the farm, then to the town and picked up townies. But my personel train didnot show fellow townies.


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    My train still isn’t working properly either. I can see only one of my NH farms. I’m still doing the workaround while I wait for the “full” fix.

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    Can’t see all people to pick up after the last maintenance. It only shows pickups for a few hoodies. Have to do it the long way for the rest.

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    i cant see ANY townies for pickup, except at Greg's. even if i wait over a minute nothing shows up. this glitch keeps getting worse and worse CMON hayday...this was supposed to be fixed with the update
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    Immediately after Monday's update I was concerned that the update (and maintenance on Monday) had not fixed my personal train. However, then I thought the problem might be that some of my hoodies had not updated their farms yet.

    This seemed to get better by yesterday as (most) everyone updated, and earlier this morning things were looking great, although I had not yet painstakingly checked the numbers of townies at everyone's stations.

    Now, after this morning's maintenance we are back to square one with a hopelessly nonfunctioning personal train -- suddenly my train can only see townies at only about 5 of 27 towns in my NH.

    Btw, Nick posted an interesting (but rather hard to interpret) comment in Bugs section on another thread referring to PT issues for Android users ... he seemed to acknowledge that PT issues continue:

    "The fix is in place, we just need to roll out one more fix on the server-side which we couldn't do with the update! Next maintenance.

    We will also look into if there's something else!"

    If today's maintenance is the one he was referring to, we've gone backward not forward!
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    1,246 bad.

    1. I am on iOS not Android.

    2. I have several farms and all were updated.

    3. I’m still having the train issues described above.

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    Same - train is STILL broken after maintenance. It was fixed and seemed to be working correctly right after the main update. But the maintenance update they had broke it again.

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    446 was working ok for a hot second, now it’s broken again, after both of today’s maintenance. I found townies at platforms that weren’t listed.


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    Yes, same here. Townies available at platform that weren't listed.

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