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Thread: Max out th8

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    Max out th8

    I want to max out my th8 by the end of December. I have two teslas at level 4, 4 of spring trap and bomb, 4 collectors one level away from max. I also have many dark elixir upgrades like the poisons and 2hog 2minnions, and valks i need to upgrade to max. The king also needs 2 more levels. I am just wondering if it is possible to do this by the time I want it done. I know a couple good attack I can do but I would be great if I know more.

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    You can check the upgrade times of remaining items you want to get done and compare it against the number of builders and lab time.

    I'd say highly unlikely you can get all the lab items done by end of December but the buildings you might especially if you have 5 builders and put two on the tesla now.
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