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Thread: Infernoes, yes or no?

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    Infernoes, yes or no?

    I'm almost maxed th9, with only 2 hero upgrades left. And will be going to th10 as soon as possible. The only concern for me, is that in the th10 upgrade guides, (from klaus, and Clashbashing), I have seen, they both said to drop all the new buildings, even the infernos because it makes base powerful and etc.

    My question is, as a war enthusiast, infernoes will definitely add weight, but if I still can't 3 star a th10 with infernos, should I get it?

    I know for CWL, infernoes make a huge difference by preventing th9s to 3 star, and make it difficult for 10s to 3 as well.

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    Add them. Infernos & Xbows should be placed in first while EA shouldn't be.

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