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Thread: Will we ever get a Option to change the Clanname?

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    Will we ever get a Option to change the Clanname?

    Hi, im the Leader of a german Clan called -=KDF=-
    It exist since November 2017 and is Level 8 now.
    The Letters stand for KreisDerFreunde but we get often problems with other people, who think we stand for Kraft durch Freude, a name from the dark historie of germany.
    I asked the support to help us and rename the Clan into KreisDerFreunde but they cant help or arent able to do so.
    So i need to ask for it here.
    So please rename our clan into KreisDerFreunde, it will stop the people who call us nazi and other ...
    I dont want to loose that hard work from all members for Level 8 and open a new clan with a new name.
    Thanks for that.
    I know namecalling isnt allowed, but its my own clan, so i hope for help instead of closing this post.


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    Support is the only way to change a clan name. If they said they won't do it then that's that. Unfoetuntaely you're stuck with your name until (maybe) someday supercell introduces a way for clan leaders to change their clan name.
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