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Thread: Notify the attacker when the other attack is complete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Could be a pain during clan games. You're doing a kill town halls, opponent is doing kill gem mines. The other hits surrender as soon as they get the mine before you get the town hall.
    Maybe a surrender with an option to accept then? Some might still choose to spite you and go through the full attack, but most others will just be happy to accept and carry on, especially if they are boosting.

    Its infinitely better than current working, especially when you did say a bart attack and flopped while boosting, only to see your opponent go full SA and taking out 3+1 minutes
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    My idea would be a simple ‘show score’ option, so if I was to finish my attack and I go to spectate the opponant and I could see he’s never going to win I could hit that button to show my score to them, then that way they could decide for them self if that last wall breaker is going to get the last 15% required to win or not and whether they want to waste 2 mins for that wall breaker to go around breaking walls knowing it will only eventually get 1 more building. It would be handy if both players were under clock and they could just end it and move on rather then thinking ‘oh that 1 more building, will it get me over the line, then to relise 2 mins got wasted

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    Very good suggestion. I see those archer attacker really makes me so sleepy. Super duper slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by iGroot View Post
    What if the other attack finishes as a 1 star 40%? Now you know what you need to win exactly. The whole point of not seeing the other person's attack is to make sure you give it your best shot every time.

    It's not about speeding things up, it's about attacking as hard as possible every single time.

    Always assume, that every battle is going to take the full 4 minutes which is only about half the time needed for the fully maxed Battle Machine to regenerate anyway. If you can get more than 6 attacks in, in an hour, you should count yourself lucky.

    Yes, there is a Clock Tower and a potion to make things go a bit quicker, but again .. more than 6 attacks an hour is more than you can expect.

    No matter what measures SuperCell should introduce to actually speed things up, there will always be those who want to have things go faster. It's a battle you simply can't win.

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    The game would move a lot faster if they just changed it to role a couple of dices, maybe I would even start enjoying it!

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