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    New relaxed hood looking for neighbors

    If you are looking for a relaxed hood with a relaxed derby then this is the place. All we ask is that you speak English, use manners, be helpful when you can and enjoy your time with us.

    We are happy to have new players join, no limit on level.

    Find us under tag #PUOPQPVL, team KKSM, a purple cat on a pink heart

    See you soon
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    Hello Im a new player looking for a nice neighborhood, I tried using your tag but it didnt work

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    For some reason it doesnt work, what is the name of the neighborhood? Ill search by that and match the tag to it

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    Wait sorry! I just realized it was kksm! Just sent a request! Thanks

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    Daily bump

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    Thank you

    Hay Day level 174 (main farm) - I have several others
    Boom Beach experience level 51

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