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Thread: Guide: Getting from TH1 to TH12 ASAP

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    Guide: Getting from TH1 to TH12 ASAP

    (Copied from Reddit, I am the author of the original post. If you aren't allowed to copy a post I'll take this down. I think it would be more helpful here because more forumers than people at reddit seem to dislike all forms of rushing.)

    • Rush through THs 1 - 9. Use barch to raid. Look for dead bases. The below list are your must dos before upgrading every town hall. Offence > resources > defences. Max these every time:
    • CC
    • Army camps
    • Barch (hence lab)
    • Wiz + Healers + wall breakers (not required but very useful)
    • Heal, (poison if you have time)
    • Collectors
    • Resources

    You may have noticed there are no defence requirements. This is because at every town hall, including max 12, you pretty much always get destroyed OR absolutely destroy the attacker (who probably gets some loot) and don’t get a shield to then get later destroyed (who gets 100% loot.) Having low level defences attracts people who can probably one star but in a misleading base design like Crows will probably fail to get your most valuable resource, Dark elixir.


    • Get 5 builders ASAP
    • Make progress on barracks. Try to get at least 40 total levels done by the time you hit TH10.
    • Keep 1 builder free for walls in case you overflow on loot (which will be often when raiding dark for queen)
    • From TH9 onwards, use Crows. At TH8 and below you will pretty much always get three starred so don’t worry too much about base layout.
    • Join a FWA / OL clan once you get infernos. These clans are alliances of clans that set their war bases to be easy to three star (TH + loot in one section) and match each other in war. About 40 million gold and elixir as well as 100K dark every month for free! Read more about these clans at

    Hero grinding:

    • At TH10, upgrade barracks to max
    • Use mass miners + heal + poison (for cc) to get dark elixir. Good trophy range is ~Crystal 2/1
    • Recommended regular army comp: 34 miners, 9 wizards
    • If queen is up (which really should not happen): 26 miners, 4 healers, 6 Wall breakers, 4 wizards, 1 rage rest heal (Queen walk miner)
    • ALWAYS KEEP QUEEN AS NO. 1 PRIORITY AT TH10! SHE SHOULD ALWAYS BE UPGRADING. You can upgrade king as well if you have spare dark, but don’t let him stop you from having enough DE to upgrade queen. Once she hits level 40, upgrade to TH11
    • Follow above priorities (CC —> resources.) You can continue using any army but barch is recommended as elixir needs are high. Set warden as number 1 priority drawn with queen
    • Max warden and queen at TH11. Move to 12.
    • Use barch until warden is maxed. Use whatever army you like to farm after warden is maxed and max queen (and king and everything else I guess.)


    • You’ll definitely find yourself maxing essential troops before essential buildings / queen (TH10.) Here is a rough priority list. Again, don’t let anything disrupt the Queen/ warden upgrading.
    • Loons
    • Rage
    • Hound (?)
    • Giants
    • E Drag(?)
    • Bowlers
    • Haste
    • Freeze
    • Jump
    • Valks
    • Gobs
    • all the other ♥♥♥♥, do what you like tbh. I seriously would recommend loons and giants but that’s really it. Hound / e drag in case you like war and you want to stand a chance. Always keep lab running regardless, it’s what takes longest in the game to complete and you will likely be completely maxed apart from lab for a while.

    Defence priority (if offence and resource buildings are done):

    • Wiz towers
    • Teslas
    • Giga Tesla (get to max ASAP, bomb is amazing)
    • Air defences
    • Infernos
    • Xbows
    • Eagle
    • Sweepers
    • Rest of the traps
    • Archer towers
    • Bomb towers
    • Cannons

    This guide was heavily inspired by /u/gctan8 . I strongly recommend reading his guide https://clashguideswithdusk.wordpres...ral-th-guides/ . This guide is not the exact same but pretty similar.

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    thanks, will move

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    .. getting from TH1 to TH12 is a multi year project, no matter how you look at it.

    Yes, strategic rushing is faster, but ..

    Personally, I did not start playing this game with the idea, that I was going to play it 5 years down the line.. I've maxed some THs, I've strategically rushed others..

    It's about the journey, not the destination.

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    whats up with barch when you hav goblins?

    for me it was a bit different with ultra rushing and most time investment efficiency in mind.
    1)rush to th9
    2)farming aiding things like camps,barracks,collectors,cc
    3)healers, goblins,giants,wall breakers in that upgrade order rest upgrade later

    coc was a side game for me at that time as i was playing another game hardcore so i just went with best loot per hr army(queen walk with just 4 healers & nothing else except a couple of wall breakers & archers to funnel) to farm DE and when queen was upgrading, i went with goblin knife but i played much less time in those 7 days until my queen wakes up.i did not worry much about keeping full de storage when my queen wakes up, as my goal was not to get to the top th as fast as i can, but my goal was to get to the top th with as less time invested as i can. so my de raiding with queen is much much more than with goblin knife.

    4)queen to max for that th
    5)move to th 10
    6)queen to max for that th
    7)move to th11
    8)queen to max for that th
    9)max everything including walls(at least to good high levels)as last th should not be rushed
    10)move to th12

    i always did fwa wars but since cwl provides more rewards (and will put efficient f2p players way ahead of other f2p players during bh9) im doing normal wars along with cwl wars.
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    i dont know, never got used to gob knife. Of course you can play how you like I completely understand not wanting to invest lots and lots of time into a game. However, for the efficiency maniacs out there (myself included) I reckon this guide does an alright job.

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