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Thread: Average War star in Player profile

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    Average War star in Player profile

    I have a suggestion, what if, in every player's profile there is also displayed the average stars he gets in wars.
    That will help in a big way to decide which players to recruit and which amongst the clan to be taken to war.

    This will make players take wars more seriously too.

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    Thats Actually A Really Good Idea!

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    Is the objective to get people to bottom feed, for them to attack the easiest base to gain most stars? A tale of two players, both TH 9. One averaged 3 stars, perfect attacks every war. The second player averaged 1.8 stars. Who is the "better attacker"? Turns out the clan first was in did 20 v 20 wars, that player was typically #15 or #16 allowing them to cherry pick opponents on the bottom, often hitting a TH 8 or even a 7. The second was the only TH 9 in their clan, no players higher, always at top, the #1 with all others TH 8 and below. In war, was often matched to a TH10, and at times an 11.

    Honestly, do not fully understand "and which amongst the clan to be taken to war". If they have been with your clan, you know their capability. If you have a revolving door, bringing in unknowns and immediately placing them in wars, then your clan has bigger issues that Profiles will not resolve for you.
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