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Thread: [RECRUITING] 🔮P.D.S🔮 #28002Q29J | Established 5/11-2018 | TH7+ | Wars & Clan Games

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    [RECRUITING] 🔮P.D.S🔮 #28002Q29J | Established 5/11-2018 | TH7+ | Wars & Clan Games


    We are a fairly new, fast growing clan looking for active and mature members. Our goal is to improve individual skills, by learning from- and supporting each other. We will also compete in several wars and perform in these by prioritizing the most valuable (maxed bases/most active) players. Not caring or providing for your teammates will result in a warning which later on could lead to a kick, depending on if you follow the instructions that you get.

    Clan name: P.D.S

    Clan tag: #28002Q29J

    Clan requirements:

    - TH between 8-12. TH 8-12 will compete in wars to get even up with the enemy clan.

    - Have good level on troops, heroes and defences. Namely do not have a rushed base.

    - This is an international clan but our main language is english. Do not speak any other language.

    - Respect clan members. No cussing.

    - You mustn't always participate in wars, but most of the time we want you to. This is because it improves your attacking abilities, the clans spirit and also gathers xp which leads to good perks.

    Further information:

    Elder & Co-leader is not given randomly. Keep a good donation ratio, be active and support teammates to gather these ranks. Elder is of course easier to recieve but co-leader is not impossible.

    If you participate in wars, use both of your attacks, communicate and read mails to follow instructions. If you are not willing to cooperate there is no point having you.

    On the flip side, we are relaxed. You do not have to skitch your attack plan to a leader to get approved before attacking. We do not require 3rd party apps for communicating outside war. You will not get kicked for poor war attacks as long as you try being a team player.

    If this clan environment sounds like what you are looking for, mention "cocforum" when you join the clan.

    Hope to see you soon! 🔮
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