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Thread: In need for excitement..

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    In need for excitement..

    I recently found myself getting bored with CoC. Nothing actually excites me anymore, neither the new upcoming content nor the recent updates released by SC. With every update I think to myself "oh great, even more things to upgrade".
    It seems that the only thing that keeps me active is to finally see my base maxed one day. Even though I dont plan to quit, I guess I simply lost my excitement for the game. Any suggestions that can spice up the game and bring back the good old excitement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcantFindUsername View Post
    "oh great, even more things to upgrade".
    Honestly, if that’s your mentality, you might as well quit the game.

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    I agree, I donít know why but Iíve been pretty bored with the game game recently. I think itís because I run five th12s and just log on, do my war attacks, log off. I left my clan about a week ago and have been really enjoying my time off. Iím thinking about doing 5v5 wars by myself or maybe finding a new clan and cutting back to one or two accounts. Usually when I get bored of the game I just need to change things up a little to add excitement back in the game.

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    You need excitement?

    Don't play clash of clan for 1 year
    In that 1 year you will only do is to read forum what is the new update and watch the new troops, spell, feature in yotuube
    then start playing coc after 1 year

    For sure your excitement will be back.

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    Maybe look at it this way. Way back in the dark ages, I met my wife to be. During early days, there was much excitement, breathless moments, can't stand to be apart for 30 seconds kind of thing. Fast forward just about 30 years. It's not the same. It's a comfortable place I like to be. There are moments the excitement comes back but it doesn't have to be all the time. Kind of the same with clash. It's not shiny and new but I enjoy the core gameplay. I also do other stuff. Watch football. Read books (I know, old school). Go out to dinner with my wife instead of clashing. As far as finding the old spark in the game, it will never be the same as the early days. It doesn't have to be. If it still is fun, keep doing it. If not, nothing wrong with finding a new passion.

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